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Solar Plexus chakra

Solar Plexus chakra

Manipura ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

~ I do enough. I am more than enough. I love and accept myself. I am worthy of love, kindness and respect. I trust my own guidance. I am a powerful creator of my own life. I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth ~

Manipura is the third chakra, located at our solar plexus, is connected to our sense of autonomy, self esteem, energy and personal power. When off balance it can lead to low self-confidence, depression and exhaustion.

This sterling silver pendant holds the etched symbol for the solar plexus chakra. Wear this, and use the accompanying affirmation card to remind yourself to stand in your power, accept and appreciate yourself and to live with integrity.

I hand make each piece from recycled sterling silver and as such your pendant may differ ever so slightly from the photograph and may contain the odd pit or dent due to its eco friendly nature ☺️

Approximate dimensions of pendant (excluding the bail that attaches to the chain):

Height: 14mm

Width: 12mm

Thickness: 3mm

Chain length: 16 inches

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