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Sacred Eye ring

Sacred Eye ring

How deeply do you t r u s t your inner voice? That little nudge, that whisper, that knowing?

Do you hear it clearly and act on its wisdom, safe in the knowledge that it is there to be your deepest guide?

Do you hear it quickly but briefly, only to have it quickly drowned out by your intellectual mind, providing clever, long-standing stories and ‘safer’ routes along your path?

Or is yours a mere occasional whisper? Covered over by years of conditioning and barely recognisable for the wellspring of wisdom it is here to provide you with?

The Sacred Eye collection is in service to your truth. A reminder to listen, to hear and to t r u s t.

Drop in. Connect. You know the way.


The Sacred Eye ring is perfect for every day wear to mix n match with hand jewels - the perfect reminder to quieten the thinking mind and tune in to the deeper knowledge, awareness and wisdom that our intuition guides us with.


It is useful to have your ring size available on ordering. Please pop it in a note at checkout and if you need any help with sizing simply drop me a message for assistance.


When you purchase a piece from the Sacred Eye collection, you will also receive a special gift; a link to download a 15 minute meditation, in which my beautiful friend, Briony Gunson, a meditation teacher and breathwork facilitator, will guide you into exploring your own felt sense and intuition. I’m so excited to offer you this gift - with the hope that, along with your jewellery, you can begin to connect more deeply with your innately intuitive nature.

  • Made to order

    This design is made-to-order for you so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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