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Custom Mantra bangle

Custom Mantra bangle

✨A beautiful reminder for your wrist✨

My signature bangles are hammered, stamped and polished by hand, using recycled 'eco' sterling silver.

The messages they carry are designed as a mindful reminder to the wearer, to centre themselves and assist them in returning to love. Each bangle is handmade to order and as such, please allow a 2 week lead time for orders to be processed and made.

Choose from my favourite messages, or create your own!

- What you think you become - what you feel you attract - what you imagine you create

- The universe has your back

- Let that shit go

- We are stars wrapped in skin - the light you are seeking has always been within

- Be the change you wish to see in the world

- What you seek is seeking you

- Appear as you are - Be as you appear

- Everything you need is within you


- Sky above - Earth below - Peace within

- Create your own reality

- Do all things with love

Simply let me know which inscription you would like as a note to seller when you checkout.

Each bangle is approximately 4mm wide and you can choose from three sizes; small (19cm), medium (20cm), large (21cm) If you have a personal mantra or a favourite lyric or line of poetry, then I can make something personal to you. The bangles can be inscribed on the inside or the outside, whichever you choose.

To create your own bespoke inscription, simply add a note for me to modify when you checkout. I can comfortably fit around 15 words on a bangle.

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