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Green Forest Witch PRE-ORDER

Green Forest Witch PRE-ORDER

PRE-ORDER: Please note that all of the necklaces in the photos are already sold and are for reference only. You will be able to select your own stones from my collection. They will be made and shipped within 4 weeks of purchase.

Pre-orders will close on Saturday 15th June.

🌲Where are all my Summer Forest Witches at? 🌙


A summer offering. The spring rains brought with them a cacophony of greens - heralding abundance, fertility and the lush, verdant landscapes that abound right now.


I created these necklaces as reminder of the call of the forest. An intuitive nudge to head for the trees always comes to me at this time of year, when the ferns stand tall above the soft moss floor, inviting me to lie amongst them, dozing and daydreaming beneath the dappled sunlight treettops.


The natural world continues to be my biggest teacher - and this season beautifully reminds us that the most incredible growth and the joy of life bursts forth most abundantly following a season of rain. Can we meet this with awe, curiosity and excitement ~ to embrace the fullness of summer, knowing that we can only truly appreciate its gifts by truly meeting and accepting the darker, months preceeding?


A little silver branch, with green toned stones and a waxing crescent moon - an invitation to embrace exuberance and the verdant abundance around us and to celebrate the cycles of our lives.


Dimensions: 34mm long by 30mm high

Upcycled sterling silver chain: 48cm

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