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Dark Moon ring

Dark Moon ring

🌙 Throughout all of your phases, you are still w h o l e ✨

The dark moon is a time to go inward. A few days of the month where the sky is at its darkest and the energy of quiet contemplation and intention setting will prove to sow its most powerful seeds. A time to trust that your own inner light may be robust enough to see you through the dark times.

A time for deep reflection and prayers of affirmation.

I created my first dark moon ring around 6 years ago, and it remains one of my most complimented pieces - so it is about time that it was available to you all.

Created in my signature line work style and made from eco friendly recycled sterling silver, wear your dark moon when you’d like to be reminded that sowing seeds is just as important and reaping the fruits, when you need to draw in your energy. Use her as a portal to self knowledge.

Your dark moon will come with a set of journalling prompts and a mini new moon ritual to honour this part of each lunar cycle.


There are 6 dark moon rings available 🙏🏼✨


Please add a note at checkout with your preferred size.

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