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Custom Rollerball Necklace

Custom Rollerball Necklace

My signature rollerball necklace, designed especially for you!Honour your journey and to bring a little ritual into your day. Work with me to design the perfect piece to honour your journey.

Choose your preferred gemstone, mantra and the symbol or motif that most resonates with you. Check out the gallery above for previous custom work 🙏🏼

I have been making these rollerball necklaces for six years. They arose initially from my love of essential oils and a desire to create a beautiful, statement piece imbued with meaning and intention. The idea had been ruminating for a while, when I met the beautiful Katrino from Yogi Oils, who needed someone to make manifest a functional yet beautiful piece to transport her stunning blends and thus a soul-fuelled collaboration was born.

The intention now is to serve as a beautiful way to bring the ritual of application of essential oil blends through a wearable statement piece that holds meaning in itself. I use a combination of recycled sterling silver, gemstones, mantras and affirmation and symbols to create a piece of ritual jewellery, filled with intention, that helps you return you to yourself and to the present moment with the help of grounding oil blends and a mindful practice.

When designing your rollerball you can have your choice of one stone (mounted on the top or front of the necklace) your favourite mantra for the back, a symbol or motif and your preferred style of bail (twisted, stamped or shaped) Additional stones or design features will be subject to additional costs 💚

The rollerball necklace comes lovingly packed in a wooden gift box with all 5 of the Yogi Oils signature element-inspired blends. The ‘choose an oil’ card will help you feel into which blend may serve you best on any given day and the affirmations and crystals can help guide your process and keep your focus on what you want more for yourself.

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