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Crown chakra pendant

Crown chakra pendant

Sahasrara ~ The Crown Chakra

~ I am part of the divine. I am connected and listen to the wisdom of the universe. I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences. I am one with the universe. I cannot detach from it as it cannot detach from me. I cherish my spirit ~

Sahasrara is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra connects us to the universe and our higher self. When off balance, you may suffer depression, an inability to learn, cynicism or close-mindedness. When balanced, we can live mindfully and experience unity with the selfless realisation that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

This sterling silver pendant holds the etched symbol for the crown chakra. Wear this, and use the accompanying affirmation card to remember to trust in the wisdom of the universe. It has your back 🙏🏼✨

I hand make each piece from recycled sterling silver and as such your pendant may differ ever so slightly from the photograph and may contain the odd pit or dent due to its eco friendly nature ☺️

Approximate dimensions of pendant (excluding the bail that attaches to the chain):

Height: 14mm

Width: 12mm

Thickness: 3mm

Chain length: 16 inches

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