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Celestial Cycle ring ~ please see description for individual prices 🙏🏼

Celestial Cycle ring ~ please see description for individual prices 🙏🏼

Beltane Blessings, dear ones!


As the wheel of the year turns once more, and we move into the lighter half of the year, I invite you to celebrate our earthly and lunar cycles with my Celestial Cycle ring.


The waxing and waning crescent moons, set either side of a carefully chosen gemstone nod to our earthly cycles of womanhood; the triple goddess symbol of  maiden, mother and crone. The moons also reflect our monthly cycle; the infradian rhythm inherent to our experience in this earthly body. A source of creativity, flow, surrender intuition and great wisdom.


The granulation detail around the stone creates the celestial star shape of our sun, representing the circadian rhythm that we are all aligned to, and the abundance that comes with the light half of the year that we move into today. 


Choose from three inscriptions on the band:


- of the stars -

- by the moon - 

- and she cycles -


Choose from the following stones:


1. Citrine ~ Abundance ~ £145

2. Chalcedony ~Inner Peace ~ £155

3. Labradorite ~ Intuition ~ £155

4. Amber ~ Self Confidence - £150

5. Turquoise ~ Communication ~ £145

6. Amethyst ~ Master Healer ~ £155

7. Rosecut Labradorite ~ Intuition ~ £155

8. Opal ~ Cosmic Consciousness ~ £160

9. Lapis Lazuli ~ Truth and confidence ~ £155

10. Carnelian ~ Creativity ~ £145

11. Moonstone ~ Divine Feminine ~ £140

12. Moonstone ~ Divine Feminine ~ £140

Please make a note of your ring size at checkout (if you need time to find this out then mention that too) and please allow two weeks for delivery, to allow for the sizing and custom nature of the design.

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