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Affirmation Spinner Ring

Affirmation Spinner Ring

If you’re anything like me, you’re an eternal jewellery fidget! A fiddle of your necklace, a twist of your rings.

Well, this piece is designed for just that. During those moments of stress or when anxiety creeps and your worry-habits appear, use the spinner as a daily reminder of your favourite afiirmation, to assuage anxiety and as a gesture of self-care.

Previously popular affirmations:

• Let that shit go

• Just breathe

• To the moon.... and never back

• You’ve got this

• The universe has your back

Or pick the bespoke option and I can create a unique one just for you. These fit true to size so simply add a note to me at checkout stating what message you’d like, along with your ring size.

Gently hammered using my special ‘moon surface’ hammer and made from recycled eco-friendly sterling silver, these pieces are hand made to order. As such the stamping may vary slightly from the photo, but you can rest assured that just as much love will be put into the production.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery :)

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