Rustic mushroom bb

Rustic mushroom bb

Celebrating the humble mushroom 🍄

For me they remain the ultimate symbol of connection, death and rebirth. Expansive and surreptitious, weaving their magical web of intelligent wisdom all around and underneath us, largely unseen until their sweet little fruiting body appears to reclaim an organic entity back for the earth.

I modelled these sweet mushroom pendants on my own foraging exploits from last year. Such fun to recreate in metal!

Nestled on a 16 inch chain, your mushroom bb will make the perfect first layer for a neck party! They will be made-to-order so you won’t receive the exact one in the photos but they will be very similar and completely unique!

Mush love x🍄x

~ Your piece of Silver Green is created in a way that aligns with my personal values. This means I won’t compromise on my eco-friendly materials and processes, nor the amount of love and intention that goes into each piece.

I prioritise slow making, to ensure that each piece is full of joy to make for me and that joy can in turn be felt in the final piece when worn by you 😊 ~

  • Made-to-order Items

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for made-to-order pieces to be made with love prior to shipping. If you require your piece sooner, then do get in touch, as I may be able to help, but be mindful that a 10% swift fee may be added for the dispensation. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and for enabling me to work in a way that feels spacious and kind towards myself and the planet 🙏🏼