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Moonstone Forest Witch necklace

Moonstone Forest Witch necklace

🌲Where are all my Forest Witches at? 🌙

A Samhain offering. Marking the turn of the wheel, into the dark half of the year and the start of a new cycle.

I frayed these necklaces as reminder of the call of the forest. An intuitive nudge to head for the trees always comes to me at this time of year, when the sunset colours of falling beech leaves begin to crunch under foot, and magical mycelium pushes it fruiting bodies above the parapet of moss and fern to begin the decay cycle once more.

The natural world continues to be my biggest teacher - and this season beautifully reminds us that change is the only constant. Can we meet change with awe and curiosity and excitement ~ to flow with, rather than resist what is inevitable?

A little silver branch, with two shining moonstones and a waning crescent moon - an invitation to draw the energy inwards and meditate on the cycles of our lives.

Dimensions: 34mm long by 30mm high

Upcycled sterling silver chain: 48cm

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