~ Ground to Connect ~ Vesuvianite

~ Ground to Connect ~ Vesuvianite

~ Ground to Connect ~




h i g h e r -  s e l f,  i n n e r - s e c u r i t y,  r e l e a s i n g  o l d  p a t t e r n 

With a chart full of air and water, I’ve long been a proponent of grounding rituals to keep me centred and connected to myself and the earth while I go about my days.


I can often be found barefoot (whatever the weather) much to the bemusement of others (especially Malik, my postie!) Watering my plants, breathwork, dancing and shaking and cold water immersion (in the wild) are all other practices I find completely involving ways to ground myself.


When anxiety is high, however, or when the task at hand seems out of reach, or my brain seems to keep flitting from one thing to the next, and never truly alighting on anything, I can sometimes need a bit of a reminder.


These little arrow amulets provide just that. I have carefully selected a range of stones, which will serve as a portal for your focus and connection. The arrow, pointing down will remind you to remain grounded as you create mindful action towards your intentions and goals.


With every piece, I’ll include a little leaflet about grounding and share a few suggestions on how to bring more grounding practices into your days.


This listing is for the vesuvianite pictured and can be turned into a pendant (£85) or a ring (£115)