Astro studs ~ Libra ♎️

Astro studs ~ Libra ♎️

Libra loves, your time has arrived 🙏🏼 get cozy and enjoy…

For the past few years I’ve been following the changing of the seasons in a few different ways. One way has been the changing of the astrological seasons and how the energy and influences of each sign can be drawn upon to create focus and intention within our lives from month to month.

In advance of my own sun season, I decided to do a monthly preorder, to make available a simple set of studs to any astro-minded lovelies who feel called to represent their sign by way of adornment! It will also be a way for me to honour the seasons as they change and set intentions as the energy changes in my own life and business.

Libra ♎️ the nature peace makers of the zodiac, these out-going, balance-craving humans are adept at tact and diplomacy within their relationships. They make every space welcoming and cosy! Compassionate and empathetic, your friendship will always be protected around a sincere and thoughtful Libran ✨

I have ten pairs of libra earrings available and will keep the listing live until they are sold 💚 They’d make a perfect gift for that lovely Libran in your life!

All hand forged with hammers and fire with love from recycled sterling silver

Size approximately 5mm across